"The Heart of This Dear Child"

written by Judi Bash, before Shelly's first transplant

You stole our hearts on that cold wintry day
The day we met you at U of M we have to say,

With tubes and machines, at a mere 8 weeks old
We were to bring you home at 5 pounds, "She might die" we were told.

A severe heart condition we did not understand
But learned real quick as we fed you and held your hand
You grew stronger and fuller and then the day came
At 5 months old a trip to U of M, the road was the same.

Heart surgery #2 of 3, oh could it be?
Would this be the day God would set you free?
But so well you did recover with stitches down your chest
and again we took you home to recover and give lots of love and rest.

You scooted, crawled and walked we were told, right on time.
You would even babble with a slight singing rhyme.
The months flew by and it was time for surgery #3.
We knew that the road back to U of M we would see.

They took you in a red wagon, and we watched until we no more could see;
We knew again a very long wait there was going to be.
Our hearts ached as we waited in the big hospital room,
Knowing God was in control, but why did it all seem so gloom?

Would this be the day God would say, "My child come home"?
We could only pray that you'd suffer no more as down the halls we did roam.
This child, we loved and prayed for as if she were our very own;
but knowing like our others, she was only God's loving loan.

You did so well, we were told once again,
By the doctors and staff at U of M,
When we saw you at first in the big hospital bed
With tears down our cheeks, a BIG thank you we said.

Your cheeks were rosy and lips were pretty and pink;
Not the blue lips we were used to as if colored with blue ink.
We wanted to hold you and tell you it was all right;
With all the tubes and equipment, it was quite a sight.

Your real Dad and Mom came to see you that day.
They loved you so much was all they could say.
A decision they then made to sign legal waiver
A heart necklace they gave you to remember them was their favor.

Again you did so well, by the U of M staff, we were told,
And within 10 days we were home with lots of laundry to fold.
You recovered so nicely, with only a couple medications
Not knowing the road ahead would be so full of complications.

A few months passed and we were to then return to have done
To have closure to an opening in your valve; thankfully it was just one.
After several hours of waiting in the waiting room again,
The doctor came out with a look of tiredness and pain.

"A new heart" was what he told us in order for you to stay alive.
"A new heart?" we asked, "Are you sure? But when? Could this be a lie?"
The doctors are not sure, we knew only God's in control.
A new heart was what was needed for the chance for you to grow old.

With 12 different medications, breathing treatments and feeding tubes daily
We started the long wait of trusting God's timing only.
Would today be the day the beeper would sound,
Alarming us out of a deep sleep that another child's heart had been found?

Some days you felt better than others we would find
If you rested on the floor a while in air was your behind
Your breathing was so rapid, your lips, hands and feet were so blue.
We sheltered you so much for fear you would contract the flu.

What a blessing you are, such a joy, a delight!
As we watch as you breath so hard through the long night.
Would this be the night our heart ached so for you,
To think that you once again would have more pain to endure.

The testimony you show others of Jesus' love
As you sing "Jesus Loves Me" as if you were an angel from above.
The lives you have touched by your inquisitive mind,
Gave compassion from others because some days you looked just fine.

What is God's plan for your future, some might say?
We know not the answer for we live day by day.
We love you like our own and our children even opt
To say to us lovingly, "We think Shelly, we should adopt."

Could we ever think any one else could take care of you?
To total strangers we could never the pain endure.
If it were in God's plan for us to adopt this loving dear child.
We pray He open the door wide with perfect peace and a smile.


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